Must Read.

July 1, 2010

God is not a propositional statement or a dogma. He is a being. You are a being. Beings are those who engage in a relationship of knowing and being known – this is anything but logical.

It is knowing that speaks of intimacy

It is ripping open your insides and letting God and others have a look. It is being real about your foibles, brokenness, wounds, sinfulness, and rejoicing in God’s grace, mercy, healing, and hope. Intimacy is when we stop pretending to be that or that and live out of who we truly are. It is living more fully in the identity that God has given to you. It is diving headfirst with wild, reckless abandon into God’s all consuming love, and drowning in it.

Intimacy is much more daunting and scary than calculated systematic thinking. Perhaps this is why we have fallen to the latter, it is just easier to stay there. Maybe this is the wide road.

Michael Hidalgo


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