Sammy Davis Junior Junior

June 24, 2008

Last night, I sat on the steps of my patio and continued my reading of Everything is Illuminated. My butt was sore from sitting on the concrete, yet I couldn’t move an inch for fear of missing out on something. I am really enjoying this book so far. It’s extremely funny and beautiful all at once. It reminds me of living in Vladimir, Russia when I was young. It feels good to come home and not just sit in front of the television


What books are you currently reading?








  1. im about to finish the unbearable lightness of being and i recently started reading the minotaur takes a cigarette break.

    both are awesome.

  2. oh yea, you were reading that on the trip last week. You’ll have to let me know how it is when you are finished.

  3. Funny your friend mentioned the Unbearable Lightness of Being because a bunch of people have collectively been trying to get me to read that. Not now, though.

    I’m reading Surprised by Hope, Jayber Crow and other things.

  4. SAMMY DAVIS JUNIOR JR.! LOL. I forgot about him. Did you watch the movie yet? You’ll be disappointed in the end big time.

    Reading… Just finished Speed: Speed on New York on Speed by Timothy “Speed” Levich (also, watch the movie The Cruise…he is amazing. He’s this homeless tour guide in New York who turns everything into this sexual metaphor. It’s hilarious and informative. He’s addicting).

    Obsessing over this store in town: http://www.fantagraphics.com/

    Starting: The Human Stain by Philip Roth.

  5. that store looks rad, abby! Right now, in my que to read, I have:

    Metamorphesus – kafka (I’ve never read it before!)
    Collected stories – chekhov (thanks to abby)
    no heroics, please – carver

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